Kirk Kjeldsen

The Depths

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After trailing spouse Marah Lenaerts suffers her third miscarriage in as many years, her husband Eden surprises her with a vacation to Malaysia, hoping it will lift her spirits. And it does, as they enjoy trading the bustle of their Shanghai life behind for the idyllic tropical paradise. But while on a diving excursion, they‘re taken hostage by a group of terrorists, who take them to a remote island and hold them there for ransom. The longer that time drags on, though, the more doubts Marah begins to have about their captors‘ true motivations.

Kirk Kjeldsen received an MFA from University of Southern California and is an assistant professor in the cinema program at Virginia Commonwealth University‘s School of the Arts. He also regularly teaches at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb) and the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He is the author of the novels Tomorrow City, Land of Hidden Fires, and The Depths, and he wrote and produced the feature film, Gavagai.
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