Henry Roland

Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Techniques to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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If you choose to use these scripts to facilitate a guided meditation journey for others, please preface the trip for them through reminding them that no longer all people “sees” matters for the duration of a guided meditation. This is very important, because our purpose is for them to go a bit closer to their personal soul during the journey, now not to supply them one more cause to consider they’ve failed.
In the years that I’ve been using these guided meditations, many human beings have shared experiences with me where they weren’t capable to see anything, but they did hear something. Or they felt the environment with imaginary kinesthetic touch. Or they just had a deep sense of internal understanding about something all through the internal journey. All of this is perfectly okay! And as soon as in a while, any person doesn’t see, hear, sense or think about anything. That’s flawlessly okay as well. Certain internal journeys simply don’t “fit” with some people. And sometimes, a guided meditation desires to be listened to and experienced more than once in order to sufficiently loosen up and open up a person’s internal world.
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