Patricia M. Carter

Dog Training: The Best Dog Training Guide With Step By Step Instructions For A Happy, Obedient, Well Trained Dog

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This audiobook contains proven steps and strategies on the right way to nurture and train your dog to become well-mannered and obedient to his human.

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There are many books, audiobooks and training materials, even video clips that show how a dog should be trained, but in reality, there’s really no secret in training. There are different kinds of approaches, and the result will be reliant on how well your dog responds to training. Frequency and consistency are keys to training a dog well.

So if you’re ready to know how to get started, this book will give tips about the following:

House training

Basic dog training


Advanced commands

At the end of this audiobook, it is our objective to help owners raise a well-bred dog. Equipped with the right knowledge, there is no doubt that your pooch will develop solid bond and loyalty toward you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

House Training Guidelines

Apartment Dwellers

Basic Dog Training


Advanced Commands

And much, much more!

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