Wesley Jones

First Aid

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Learn the most important first-aid techniques so you’ll know what to do in an emergency situation.
What if someone suddenly had an accident, was drowning, couldn’t breathe, had a burning wound, or was bleeding to death? Would you know what to do?
I hope so. If not, then you better open up this audiobook and start listening. After you finish, you’ll be fully equipped with the bare essentials, the things everyone should know if there is an emergency situation. In this guide, you will hear about:
First-aid kits and bandages.  Taking care of wounds and making sure needles are clean and free from bacteria.  Blisters treatment and how to stop bleeding.  Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation techniques.  Taking care of burns.  Having the right first-aid supplies for all situations.  And much more!  Do you want to save lives? Do you want to be that person who comes to the rescue when everyone else is just staring at a victim and wondering what to do?
Then don’t wait any longer, and put all that knowledge into your mind.
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