Amber Law

Reborn Assassin Princess

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Life's a royal mess! One minute, Raven's a top-tier assassin close to killing her worst enemy, and the next? She's waking up in frilly dresses as Asteria's Princess Seraphina!

When elite assassin Raven is killed on a mission to eliminate Prince Alexander of Ironhold, she doesn't expect a second act! But fate's got a flair for drama and she awakens in the body of Princess Seraphina - turns out both of them are the victims of a treacherous conspiracy.

Raven's new plan is to get revenge on the traitors while juggling royal duties, ballroom dances, and - oh yes - a fake engagement to her former enemy, Prince Alexander!

A pretend romance with the prince is Raven's ticket to getting close to the villains. But things get complicated when her "pretend" feelings start feeling very... real.

Is Prince Hartley not the bad guy after all?

Turns out, falling in love might just be the most dangerous mission yet!
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