Suzanne Byrd

ADHD and Women

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My name is Suzanne Byrd, and I have been sharing my thoughts and insights on ADHD in a couple of audiobooks we have produced lately. I am an ADHD coach, and I would love to share some of the insights I have gained over the last decade or so with you. I have also found that there isn’t much in the way of informational material that is easy to digest in this area.
There are some very good books which talk about ADHD in a great deal of detail and others that are merely repeating what a few blogs are saying. I wanted to go for something that was easy to digest, along with something that would be eminently useful to my audience, in an audiobook format.
So who is my audience for this book? I believe that they will be mainly women (or their other halves!) who are interested in reading material about ADHD in adult women because
a) they have recently been diagnosed with ADHD or
b) they strongly suspect they may have adult ADHD and they want to know more information about it. There is a small sub-group
c) that is the spouse/other half of the the women in question, and they want to usually know more about the condition so that they can be in a better position to help their partner our (and also to understand their own emotional response to some of the signs and symptoms of adult ADHD.
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