Ryan van Rensburg

No more crooked teeth

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Malocclusion (crooked teeth) is an ever-increasing modern day epidemic affecting millions of people all over the world. It is caused by poor facial bone growth, which results in a mouth that is simply just too small to accommodate all 32 adult teeth. For the past 200 or so years, it has almost become expected that most people will not have sufficient space for their third molars (wisdom teeth).
In fact, most modern humans seldom have enough space to accommodate 28 teeth in perfect alignment.
Fortunately, there is a way to naturally promote facial growth and avoid malocclusion just as our ancient ancestors did.

In this guidebook you will learn about:
The parenting mistakes, poor lifestyle choices and bad habits that result in poor facial growth.The lifelong physical and psychological effects that result from poor facial growth.The lifestyle choices and environment necessary for optimal facial growth.Exercises, techniques and daily habits that ensure optimal development.The early warning signs that indicate that a child is not developing optimally.Early intervention orthopedic appliances which can assist a poorly developing child.The limitations of traditional fixed orthodontics.This guidebook provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the cause and prevention of crooked teeth. The information contained herein will be particularly useful for parents of young children and any person working in a vocation that is associated with the healthy development of children, such as doctors, prenatal educators, healthcare workers and school teachers.
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