Cynthia Mendoza

Shifter Romance: Alpha Shapeshifters 2 Story Book Bundle #1

An Exhilarating, Dripping Wet 2 Story Bundle to throw you over the edge... Over 40,000 words of steamy Dragon Shifter & Bear Shifter action 

WARNING: This box set is FILLED with scenes that will keep you salivating & craving for more. 18+ Audiences ONLY!

This 2 Story Bundle includes: Menage: Addicted to The Billionaire Dragon 
Billionaire Bear 4 Part Box Set

Menage: Addicted to The Billionaire Dragon

When Chloe Becker decides to fake her resume and lie on a job application to get a higher paying job , she has no idea what she is getting herself in to... When she first sets her eyes on her new boss-to-be, she is convinced that he is nothing more than a murderer trying to get his kicks before leaving her dead. The building is dark, the windows are tinted and there are absolutely no signs of life inside. What Chloe doesn't know, however, is that within the basement of the creepy looking building, a nightlife she never could have imagined is thriving. A nightlife that consists of dragon shifters, fetishes and the most gorgeous man she has ever set her eyes on.

Billionaire Bear 4 Part Box Set

Blair Eubanks was trying to get away from work, but somehow, work always manages to follow her wherever she goes. And when her job is a secret agent for the CIA, well let's just say there's never a dull moment...

After meeting a sexy and mysterious Russian during her vacation to Italy, Blair decides to live a little and hookup with him. But when her little rendezvous leads her back to a case she's been working - one involving a secretive and dangerous werebear mafia - she has to decide between running for her life or living in the moment. And that decision may determine whether she lives or dies.

Are you ready for something a little more alpha than you're used to? Don't be shy...Download your copy today!
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