J.E. Ortega

I Love You So Much

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In the whispering stillness of their seemingly perfect life, Gabriella’s world is upended as she navigates a labyrinth of emotions, with the echoes of her husband’s silent despair reverberating through their existence. It is only when he teeters on the brink of an unfathomable choice that the magnitude of his internal struggle fully unveils itself to her. As "I love you so much" spills from her lips—a fervent, desperate invocation—its power and its limits haunt Gabriella. As told from the perspective of the survivor, this short story weaves a tale of love's fierce gravity, the harrowing quest to piece together a life fractured by the unspoken and the haunting questions that reverberate in a survivor's mind: Is my love enough?

In I Love You So Much: A Short Story, Gabriella discovers whether her words have the power to heal or crumble in the pain of what's been broken.

Content Warning: Before you start listening, I must warn you that this story depicts a vivid image of a suicide attempt. If you cannot mentally cope with this now, please save this audiobook for another time. 
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