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The Secret within You: Like a Flowing River

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The Secret within You: Like a Flowing River is a guided healing meditation for dissolving energy blocks and harmonising the energy flow, thus helping unlock the potential of living a deeply fulfilled life.

We all have aspects of our lives that are effortless, and areas where we can’t seem to move forward.

Strong emotions or events we experienced in the past often at a young age, that we have forgotten or chosen to avoid, have become unprocessed wounds, creating the so-called energy blocks.

These energy blocks prevent us from living the life we deserve.

The good news is that we have the tools needed to reclaim a harmonious flow of energy, to allow the frequencies of health and abundance to attract the life we have always wanted.

The Secret within You is a collection of eight gentle yet powerful guided healing meditations to help clear energy blocks, heal, strengthen, nourish and refresh you on all levels.

The Secret within You series contains the following guided meditations:

1. Your Sacred Body of Light: Guided Self-Healing Meditation for Vibrant Health and Wellbeing

2. Like a Flowing River: Guided Healing Meditation for Dissolving Energy Blocks and Harmonising the Body's Energy Flow

3. Peacefully Present: Guided Grounding Meditation for Deep Tranquility and Connecting to Your Inner Stillness to Dissolve Stress, Overthinking, and Fears

4. Incredible Immunity: Guided Healing Meditation for a Powerful Immune System Boost

5. Bathing in Frequencies of Wellbeing: Guided Healing Meditation for Pain Relief

6. The Healing Sun: Guided Healing Meditation for Healing the Solar Plexus and Regaining Your Purpose, Inner Power, and Confidence

7. Healing the Heart: Guided Healing Meditation for Dissolving Painful Emotions and Past Traumas, Healing the Inner Child, Soul Forgiveness, Deep Self-Acceptance, and Opening up to Love

8. Connected to Your Inner Guidance: Guided Healing Meditation for Strengthening Intuition through Opening the Third Eye

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