Joshua Wallack

Regarding Victory

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By day he made deals with giants that made headlines everywhere. By night he felt his family, who he loved so much, slipping away. From the first ventures in the 1980s that started things out to massive contracts with some of the most respected companies in America, here, in Joshua Wallack’s own words, is a 40-year adventure no one could invent: the true love that forged the meaning of his life, startups, partnerships, and battles for the soul of the family. From the highest highs to the depths of hell, Wallack became one of the main business and leadership figures in the $75 Billion Orlando tourism industry. But with everything in the palm of his hand, he nearly destroyed himself. An extraordinary story of entrepreneurial achievement, execution, misery & elation, he took it to the limit 24/7 – until he learned the truth that saved his life:
“No matter what level of success, wealth, or achievement you may attain, none of it matters at all if you don’t bring it home to a house full of people you love and who love you.”
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