Alix James

Mr. Darcy and the Governess

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**Elizabeth Bennet**
My life is in tatters: a scandalous elopement, the possible loss of my beloved Longbourn, and the mortifying memory of a rejected proposal. As if that's not enough, I now have the delightful job of handling the unruly Holt children as their governess. Little did I know, this role would pull me into the world of international intrigue. Italy, Napoleon, and danger? Not exactly what I signed up for.
**Things going terribly wrong:**
1. Longbourn's impending doom. (Just perfect.)
2. Becoming a governess. (Desperation calls.)
3. Discovering the Holt's suspicious interest in Napoleon. (Because, of course.)
4. Running into the last person I'd ever want to see. (Why, universe, why?)
5. Realizing that the only man who can help me navigate this mess is the one whose heart I broke. (Oh, irony.)
**Fitzwilliam Darcy**
Getting over Elizabeth Bennet? Harder than I imagined. Being called upon for a crucial mission? Just my luck. Finding out Elizabeth is tangled in the very web I'm trying to unravel? Absolutely unbelievable.
**Things I didn’t expect this year:**
1. Elizabeth becoming ensnared in an international incident. (Coincidence? I think not.)
2. Having to balance my mission with my feelings. (I’m not prepared.)
3. The burning need to protect Elizabeth from looming danger while she still despises me. (Old habits.)
4. Europe on the brink of war... again. (Timing is everything.)
5. Realizing the only way forward is to confront our past. (I could use a sign.)
In a world teetering on war, can a gentleman set on deciphering international secrets and a governess wrapped up in her own tumultuous saga find their way back to each other?
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