Timothy Willink

Chakras for Beginners

☸️★ ☆ Have You Ever Felt A Powerful Surge of Energy Before? A Wealth of Energy Which Suddenly Comes Into You and You Can’t Really Explain What It Is? You Might’ve Just “Accidentally” Tapped into the Power of your Chakras. Continue Reading... ☆★ ☸️ You are energy. The sooner you understand this, the sooner your life will change. By knowing the ancient teachings of the Chakras, you open your mind to the world of self-healing and well-being. An amazing hidden world that can work wonders on your life, and that already lives inside you. With the book ‘Chakras for Beginners’, you will master the teachings of the Sacred Chakras step by step, and start living a healthier and happier life today!
Imagine the chakras as being wheels of energy. In this book you will learn how to visualize, unblock and realign your chakras. Thousands around the world support the interaction between working your chakras and the healing of each organ, necessity, or mental state. There are seven chakras, positioned from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each one has its own color, and its own function. From the liver, to the heart and lungs, to anxiety and depression, which all could be cured naturally by the energy of the chakras. The best results you can ever find, are your own. .

☸️ “The Chakra is a Doorway. These are Doorways That Lead You into Other Dimensions. But You Have to Focus on Them to the Exclusion of Everything Else.” – Frederick Lenz ☸️
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