Oneida Powell

NLP MASTERY: Manipulation, Body Language, Hypnosis, Dark Psychology, and Persuasion

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o What is Dark Psychology? Discover the dark side of your mind!
o Psychological Manipulation in the forensic field
o The "Dark Triad" of personality
o What Is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? A method to enhance personal development
o The Persuasion. How to handle others
o 7 Handling techniques to know absolutely
o How to defend yourself from mental manipulation - Personal Growth
o Psychological violence: tips to recognize and overcome it
o Persuasion: conditioning others to achieve their goals
o Information and persuasion on the Internet
o Tricks to interpret people's body language
o Strange psychological mechanisms that explain why we sometimes act absurdly
o Obvious signals for interpreting and understanding Body Language
o Emotional manipulation: what it is and how it works
o Emotional counter-manipulation techniques
o Recognize and STOP emotional handling
o Hypnosis techniques
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