Yann Creac'h,Vanessa Philippe

Lina and Lucas help Santa Claus.

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A book to read and put into practice before, during, or after Christmas
Accompany Lina and Lucas on their extraordinary adventure with Santa Claus as they teach him Yoga while having fun.
Watch them discover their emotions during a colorful Christmas.
Yoga is very beneficial for children. They learn postures as a game told through a story. They can try several postures related to nature and animals.
Yoga allows children to become aware of their bodies. They can practice alone, but also with friends, parents, or siblings. They become more attentive to their mood and that of others. They learn to understand them, manage them, and then relax over time.
Little by little, they naturally build up their confidence and concentration while having fun, without even thinking about it. Regular yoga practice allows children to be more serene and strong.
How to use this book?
First of all, read this book and make it fun. Playful learning is the most effective way to learn. The characters intuitively show the steps and variations of each posture. Simple instructions for children are added to the drawing.
The different postures are detailed at the end of the book. It is recommended to perform them in order. The additional instructions will allow the adult to guide the child.
Finally, the "Tickles Help" page allows you to look back at the story from different angles:
discover the words indicating the colors,
understand and identify references to the postures in the text
and finally, to reflect on and recognize the different emotions and sensations of daily life.

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