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Scary Stories That I Will Never Forget: Short Scary Stories for Kids - Book 5

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Scary stories that I will never forget
Short Scary Stories for Kids
BOOK 5 : The Final Ghostly Episode
Jordan and Amy are persistent in their effort to uncover the mystery of the ghosts that haunt their house. The ghostly boy and girl appear time and time again, and the boy states that their father, Mr. Walter Morgan is not responsible for their deaths. Then who was responsible for their deaths?
Determined to find out what happened on that fateful day in 1962, Jordan and Amy investigate further and finally, the ghostly boy reveals the truth. With evidence in their hands, Jordan and Amy try to convince their dad to help them, but he doesn’t believe them, until he is traumatized by a ghost…
The case is reopened, and Mr. Walter Morgan appears before the judge. The lawyers try their best to prove that Mr. Morgan is innocent, but all they have as evidence is a little note. There are no eye witnesses, because all the adults who lived during that era, have passed away.
Will the little note be a strong enough evidence to convince the judge that Mr. Walter Morgan is not guilty over the deaths of his children?
Will Jordan and Amy be able to help the ghostly boy and girl rest in peace?
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