Melissa Erin Jackson


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This short story is set a few months before the events in The Forgotten Child.
Riley Thomas can see and communicate with ghosts. But ever since a Ouija board incident gone awry, this ability has always scared more than intrigued her and she has vowed to avoid paranormal activity at all costs.
She does a decent job of keeping the ghosts at bay—until she breaks up with her cheating asshat of a boyfriend and moves into a new apartment alone, that is. While she’s ready to start her single lifestyle drama-free, her ghost roommate has other plans. Every night for a week, he rudely wakes her up at 3:12.
Struggling to get her crap together, Riley knows she has to make a choice: take two steps back and ditch the new digs before begging her best friend to let her crash on her couch—again—or take one step forward and figure out why this ghost is going bump in the night …
Content warning: There is adult language.


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