Andrei Besedin

Learn & Teach Your Kids Good Deeds: A 30 Day Guide!

Do you want your Child to learn the most Important Values of Life simply by reading a little book?
Bringing the Values of Life to Your Child. Bringing the Classroom to You.
Here is an Offer too Good to Refuse! Before you roll your eyes thinking, 'Oh, not another one! ', and chuck this letter into a bin, Just read a few of the lines below.
Teaching the essence of Islam to kids has never been so easy.
This is the new age of education where your child can learn in the simplest and enjoyable way ever the things that really matter.
With daily teachings, children, and everyone in the family, will discover more about their religion, understand the essence of Islam, and learn to become a better person, while having a positive impact on the world.
Great for parents who wish to teach their children the fundamentals of Islam in a simple and positive way.
In a difficult world, we decided to dedicate our time to helping children, the most precious people in our lives. We found a simple and genuine way, made of positive teachings, to make him discover the most important values, religion, education, and good deeds.
Do you really care about your son? Don’t miss the opportunity to do a good deed for him that will help him from an early age for his future.
Don’t miss "Learn & Teach Your Kids Good Deeds: A 30 Day Guide!"
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