Biology Fundamentals

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The fundamentals of biology beam its searchlight on all the basic principles contained in various aspects of life sciences, like recombinant DNA, genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry. Via the in-depth study of these principles, humans can adequately understand all the basic mechanisms that life entails and then find an anchor for his biological thinking and knowledge, which are all required for full understanding of the various challenges humans encounter in day-to-day lives. These challenges vary from problems with human environmental quality, loss of biodiversity, diseases, and health.

The basic chemical structures of living things relate a great deal to their physical structure. Various cell processes come to play also to give the human being its structure and function as seen on the exterior. Cellular organizations are equally essential, ensuring one cell functions in its place without unwanted interference with another cell and its function. Living processes depend heavily on various metabolic processes, and these processes occur in animals and plants. Humans, being the chief among higher animals, remain the main focus and end point of all biological studies.
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