Christopher Monaghan


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This audiobook presents a fresh view of the British war leader as he pursues an independent, and then allied, war against Hitler and the Axis Powers. We analyse his crucial contribution to the greatest war in history, and the peace that ensued.
Beginning with the fall of France and the defence of the island of Britain itself, Churchill's military decisions and simultaneous diplomatic efforts to gather an alliance, are explored. We show that his faith in an eventual American alliance was there from the outset, but we reveal the double-edged sword of this formidable and inevitably victorious partnership. In participating in the war, America would massively increase her economic and military power, and British global dominance was the price Churchill was forced to pay. His Russian alliance, equally, shows the dangers of waking a sleeping giant, and Churchill's changing perception of Stalin's power and intent would shape much of his conduct of the latter years of the war.
His necessary ambivalence towards a far-flung empire is analysed. Fighting on so many fronts, and frustrated by his lack of a foothold in mainland Europe, Churchill made strategic and diplomatic decisions for the most part forced on him by circumstances. His outward refusal to countenance any change in the pre-war order, while it was at one with his aim of unconditional victory, shows the empire slipping away, whatever he did, or did not do, to shore it up. The theme of military boldness, coupled with archaic and, at times, arrogant attitudes, is once again striking.
We show his disappointment in the peace, and his attempts to push British aims and interests - and what he rightly saw as global concerns - to the very end, when his junior status within the "Big Three" was evident.
We explore this complex, fascinating and iconic figure and his importance to history.
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