Michal Stawicki

The Art of Persistence

Struggling to achieve your most important goals? Discover a powerful formula to push forward and transform your life.Do you feel like procrastination is sabotaging your dreams? Are you tired of fighting a losing battle against your bad habits? Wish you could get off the couch and take that all-important first step?
Nicknamed "Mr. Consistency" by his friends, author and professional coach Michal Stawicki has been where you are. After battling his video game addiction to become a successful entrepreneur, he's here to show you the simplest path to creating the lifestyle you deserve.
The Art of Persistence is a step-by-step program created to take you from repeated failure to consistent success.
Through laser-targeted lessons and personal examples, you'll learn the essential measures you need to stick with your heart's desire.
Whether you seek money, fame, love, or just personal fulfillment, Stawicki's page-by-page plan will help you turn all of your personal mountains into molehills.
In The Art of Persistence, you'll discover:Key habits that support consistency so you can live your dreamsThe success mindset you need to replace your mental struggle with willful clarityHow mastering the skill of persistence will change your world foreverWhy focusing on results doesn't work and what you should do insteadPower-packed chapters, practical exercises, specific action plans, and much, much more!The Art of Persistence is your ultimate guide to making positive change permanent. If you like straightforward advice, easy-to-follow techniques, and proven strategies, then you'll love Michal Stawicki's next-level resource.
Buy The Art of Persistence to start your new successful life today!
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