Occult And Mysticism

In Occult & Mysticism, Sadhguru explores tantra, death, the chakras and much more. Sadhguru looks at what tantra is really about, and explains that the popular belief that tantra is all about sex is a huge misconception. He looks at how certain occult processes allow a person to “enter” an animal’s body and take control of it. He also looks at the dangers and risks of such acts.
He speaks about how the life process in a recently dead body can be rekindled, and how tantrics use this process known as Surya Sparsh. He explains the arrangements of the chakras in the body, and how as more chakras become active in the body, a human being becomes capable of transmitting the spiritual process.
In this mystical exploration of the nature of the Existence, Sadhguru explains that the universe we live in is not the only one. There are 21 creations happening simultaneously. He further explains that the Big Bang that resulted in this creation is only the latest of 84 Big Bangs
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