Harald Burgener

Think And Fall Asleep

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The mission of this short book is simple: I want you to wake up feeling fit, relaxed, super refreshed, and full of energy.
The method to achieve this goal is unique because you only need your thoughts. And, even more importantly, the method is not only totally simple, but it comes directly from real life. It has been proven hundreds of times. And I use the sleep helpers myself every day. They work!
In addition, I have never known anyone who could not use the method. It’s practically impossible to fail.
You don’t need any external help whatsoever.
• No medication with undesirable side effects.
• No expensive devices for your bedroom.
• No YouTube videos or other audio files.
• No long and expensive therapy.
Just closing your eyes, thinking and falling asleep.
The sleep helpers in this book are so useful that they will be your faithful companions for a lifetime.
Harald Burgener (the author) is a Swiss certified hypnotherapist who lives and practices in the southern part of Switzerland about 30 kilometers (19 miles) away from the world-famous Matterhorn.
He’s happily married and father of three children.
He specializes in the topics of anxiety, stress and sleep. He has treated more than 1’400 clients so far which results in about 3’000 client sessions.
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