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The Daily Stoic Philosophy: Approaching the Generation Z

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Here’s How You Can Use The Ancient Wisdom Of Stoic Philosophy To Achieve Your Goals In The Instant World!
Did you know that Stoicism can help you improve your lifestyle and boost your productivity? This is an eye-opening guide on how to harness the power of a 2.000-year-old ancient Hellenic philosophy and help yourself achieve unparalleled success. This is a book on Stoicism.
But what is Stoicism? It’s a philosophy that empowers you to use your mind. It’s influenced some of the greatest thinkers and entrepreneurs ever.
How Can Stoicism Help You Improve Your Life? How Can You Become A Stoic And Free Yourself From The Chains Of Generation Z?
Author Phil Monn has created this comprehensive guide to Stoicism in the new age with 2 different target groups in mind. The process doesn’t change but the results will be according to your needs:
If you are a member of Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010) then you can benefit by identifying the Stoic approach and improving your lifestyle. Ask yourself this question: what would Seneca, Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius do? This book on stoic philosophy will give you the answers.
If you have a relative of friend who is a member of Generation Z, then you will understand the intricate details of growing up in such a confusing era and learn how to help someone from Generation Z to become more successful, less dependent on material goods and achieve full potential.
By The End Of This Game-Changing Journey Through Stoicism, You’ll Be Able To
• Master your emotions
• Succeed in social interactions and personal relationships
• Discover how you can stop being controlled by desire for pleasure or fear of pain.
What are you waiting for? Discover How You Can Succeed In Generation Z & Achieve Your Goals!
Start to listen ”NOW” & Embark On A Unique Journey Through Ancient Stoic Philosophy & Learn How To Become More Successful!
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