Alvin Williams


One woman seeks to uncover the truth and protect whistle blowers from repercussions as they uncover corruption and unethical practices within large corporations and rouge governments around the globe.
Ann Pierre is one woman that you don't want to be on her bad side. The founder and head of the largest website on whistle blowing throughout the world. Ann can find the deepest secrets on any organization. Her company, Whistle Blower Central has become so influential that companies under their investigation plummet on Wall Street. Ann and her team of investigative reporters follow up on claims sent to them by whistle blowers through the world and seek to help protect them from backlash by the companies and organizations in question. With a vast network of allies and a high technology, Ann digs deeper into Whistle Blower cases to uncover the real truth behind the claims.
These cases will take Ann and her team across the globe as they aim to protect those who have spoken out against corruption but have been silenced. Now, listen to, Part One of Whistleblowers, who Protect those who uncover the truth, and never let the truth fade away.
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