Christian H. Godefroy

The Outstanding Negotiator

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If you have to negotiate a vital contract, resolve a conflict with a colleague, or get better loan terms from the bank, The Outstanding Negotiator will show you how. This step-by-step course has been used to train executives and managers all over the world. You will learn:

- How to evaluate your abilities as a negotiator
- How to anticipate the other party’s attitudes ans reactions
- The 6 indispensable stages of effective negotiation
- How to react with to outrageous demands
- 12 ways to deal with a breakdown in negotiations
- How to make — and obtain — concessions
- 8 tactics to obtain more power than you thought possible
- How to close the deal

Christian H. Godefroy has worked as a training specialist for many companies, including Renault and IBM. Louis Robert, a businessman and management consultant, conducts training seminars for organisations and corporations around the world.
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