Suzanne Byrd

Get Organised with Adult ADHD

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This is a must-have audiobook for anyone who either has ADHD as an adult, or is the partner of someone with ADHD. It covers ADHD, and its implications in the workplace, at home and also within a relationship. Whilst the book isn't meant to replace clinical guidance, it does help support people from a first-hand perspective, with key actionable changes that an individual and those around the individual can make to make living life that much easier. Combined together, these three areas make up for the majority of circumstances in which an individual with ADHD will find challenges, and we wanted to combine all three settings and provide setting-specific advice.
We would love to hear your feedback, so if you do get a copy then please don't hesitate to provide honest feedback, as I would like any future edition to benefit from user feedback from people that have tried and tested this method.
Many thanks for listening,
Suzanne Byrd, London, UK
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