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Trump Ninja Vs. Global Warming

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Trump has made America a laughing stock. Let's return the favor.
Donald Trump DOES NOT want you to read his (totally unauthorized and fictional) diary and he absolutely in no way wants you to know what insiders refer to as his "secret identity."
We see a fossil fuel loving, pristine wilderness raping narcissist.
But the he sees a ninja: Trump Ninja.
From the guy who tells scientists "It will get cooler" and retorts that, "Well, science doesn't really know" when he's told that the science is against him, comes a brand new book for your outrage and amusement.
Trump Ninja vs. Global Warming, sees our Colluder-in-Chief tilting at windmills trying to do battle with the specter of the "hoax" of Climate Change while saving the world from S.N.O.W.F.L.A.K.E., the conspiracy behind the conspiracies.
You want to know what happens with these windmills? It’s just ridiculous, what these very sad, disgusting liars want you to believe. They like the environment? Then why are they killing all these birds, with these terrible windmills? Answer me that.
Trump Ninja vs. Global Warming. SHAZAM! Go get it.
Trump Ninja spin-kicks his way to the best-seller list with the super secret (aka fictional) history of the most tremendous and best (I just vomited in my mouth a little) presidency America has ever seen. Trump Ninja vs. Global Warming is book two in the seven book Trump Ninja series. Get them all today!
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