Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Islam! What are the Veil, Divorce, and Polygamy for?

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In the same way the eater rush upon their bowl, all cultural circles in both East and West have rushed upon “the Islamites” criticizing and defaming.

They accused us of encroachment upon woman’s right, so they rendered their unfair judgment which declares that we “the community of Moslems’ are enemies and tyrants of woman; nay, we are a nation that all other nations laughed at for its negligence and oppression, particularly in regard to the issues of “divorce” and “polygamy”.

They also imputed that we have squeezed the woman into the bottle of Prophet Solomon and sealed it with his signet when we put on her face “a veil”, too stifling and heavy, and hid her out of sight.

Therefore, our standing has declined and our class degraded, and in their view; we have become an illiberal nation whose humanity has sunk to the bottom.

Now, it is the time for the truth to present itself strongly and to fill Westerners’ thoughts about Islam with sublimity.

It is going to intonate glory as an ideal with pride and make the whole universe hear its humanist voice.

Today, the truth has been justified by he whose faithfulness achieved marvels.

It is his majesty: the great eminent scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho ‘his soul has been sanctifies by Al’lah.

Indeed, whenever he is, the blessings will be.
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