Oneida Powell

SPANISH FLU 1918: Viruses, Plagues, and History - Past, Present, and Future

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Spanish flu, history of the largest global pandemic that hit the world 100 years ago
The first wave
The second wave
Covid-19 and Spanish influence of 1918: analogies, differences, and lessons from the past which are also valid for the present
Pathologica in the time of "Spanish flu"
Etiology of the epidemic
The Spanish in the two sections of Pathological: "summary of recent publications" and "newsletter"
Coronavirus, is it like Spanish? The mystery of Svalbard
Coronavirus: four things we learned from Spanish flu
Spanish vs COVID: find the differences
The Spanish flu: the pandemic that decimated the world population
Spanish flu: symptoms and deaths of the largest pandemic in history
Ana, the 107-year-old woman who defeated two pandemics: Spanish flu and Coronavirus
"Spanish" influence in 1918, COVID in 2020: a century later, still fragile
The Spanish influence shows what we may have to face again
The Lindenhof hospital in Bern and the Spanish flu
Act on time. Lockdown
Spanish influence in Eastern Europe: tales from Bulgaria, Romania and Poland
Analysis of past stock market corrections
1918, Spanish influence: the second epidemic wave was proving worse than the first but the institutions minimized
The still open questions of science
Always tell the truth: the most important lesson of the 1918 pandemic
The Spanish flu mystery of 1918: the pandemic killed 10 million people in two years
The history of vaccines
How was the Spanish influence defeated?
Because that of Covid-19 is not among the worst pandemics in history
The second wave: autumn 1918
The experience of the pandemic among soldiers
COVID-19 and Spanish influence
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