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La Princesa de la Tormenta de Arena y el Lienzo Mágico

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This story is an Easy Spanish Listen for learners of Spanish and Spanish speakers who like modern fairy tales. It is part of a series but can be enjoyed without listening to the earlier episodes, however, it is recommended that you listen to the first episode first so that you are fully aware of the setting. It is a plot-driven story that is written in accessible language. At the same time, every effort has been made to ensure the story is still genuinely good.
This story is suitable for those who have been studying Spanish for at least a year. Quick learners, who have been studying Spanish for less than a year, can gauge if the story is suitable for them by listening to the demo/preview.
Javier Fernández-Peña brings the story to life with a great narration. He stared as Spanish Buzz Lightyear in the Hollywood blockbuster Toy Story 3 (Buzz Lightyear is turned to Spanish mode during the film).
Ultimately, this story will broaden your vocabulary and give you a better grasp of the language, or simply entertain you.
[Those who have access to the supplementary material have access to a written version of the story and several questions]
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