Elizabeth Benson

A Pregnancy Roadmap for First-Time Moms and Dads

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One of the best gifts you can give yourself during pregnancy is information!
Pregnancy is a journey into the unknown and one where you might find yourself questioning the effects of every decision you make for nine months and beyond. This comprehensive collection is tailored for first-time mothers and fathers, covering the essential shared and unique issues, ensuring a smooth transition from conception through pregnancy to parenthood.
For the first-time mother, you will:
Discover what to expect during antenatal visits
Track your baby's development month by month
Navigating work and the changing relationship with your partner
Discover how to maintain physical and emotional health during and after pregnancy
For the first-time father
Delve into the emotional and psychological challenges of fatherhood.
Discover the vital role a father plays in a child's wellbeing
How to be financially prepared
How to be an effective supportive partner,
Embrace the responsibilities, joys and privilege of being a dad
Side by side Mom and Dad will:
Discover the effects of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices
Discuss your rights in the workplace and parental leave
Highlight the importance of emotional well-being for both parents
Choose the right healthcare provider, and devise a birth plan
Discuss the highs and lows of pregnancy and the importance of not losing yourselves in the process

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