Caren Simpson McVicker

Henderson House

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Three weeks on the Oklahoma Best Sellers list! Three first place awards at The BookFest® in Women's Historical Fiction, 20th Century Historical Romance, and Women's Historical Romance! In May 1941, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, hums with talk of spring flowers, fishing derbies, and the growing war in Europe. And for the residents of a quiet neighborhood boarding house, the winds of change are blowing. Self-proclaimed spinster, Bessie Blackwell, is the reluctant owner of a new pair of glasses. The landlady, Mrs. Henderson, senses that new tenant, Frank Davis, could throw Bessie's spinster status into question with his gentle eyes and ready smile. But the scar on his forehead and rumors of divorce speak of a troubled past. Bessie's sister, Florence, knows all about troubled pasts. In a desperate attempt to undermine Bessie's budding romance, Florence exposes the sisters' darkest secret. A secret that will change their lives, and the lives of those they love, forever.
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