Wesley Jones

Emergency Preparedness

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Learn how to make disasters less of a disaster by being prepared.
The Scout's motto is “Be prepared”. Still, a large group of people don't think it’s a big deal to have a storage, know something about emergency kits, or prepare just in case...until a big hurricane floods the city, or forest fire hits your hometown. Look around you. Disasters can happen everywhere, and they do. So it’s better to have a little bit of a background plan.
Discover some of the following things:
Why having an emergency plan is crucialWhat an emergency plan consists of and how to get better at creating oneSetting prioritiesPreparing your emergency preparedness kitsConsiderations you should know in case a disaster strikesThe emergency mindset and everything there is to itDon’t be that person who regrets not taking the time to listen to what you need to do and then end up being the victim of some unfortunate circumstance.
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