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The House

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The House,

Moving house was more than needed, but it wasn't seen as a bad thing for the girl who would now have a room of her own away from her troublesome sister. The house was modest and would break the family branch for a long time.
But, as with any house that was not built by the family itself, something was wrong, something very bad was in the house.

The House 2,

Laura is a nine-year-old girl who lives with her parents, Sebastião and Angelina, in a simple five-room house in a neighborhood in the city of São Bernardo do Campo. Everyone was happy, and her parents wanted to give her a brother or sister, so that the family would be more complete, and then Shirley arrived.
Shirley was not supposed to be the adopted sister, but the mysterious demise of the boy who would actually be adopted, the church asked the couple to adopt the girl, she was the same age as Laura. So, it wasn't a problem, and everyone accepted it with open arms.
It all started tin, Shirley was considered old for an adoption and the only thing they knew about her family was that she was left at the church door with a letter and a certificate with the name: Shirley Mirle Vegas [Read the short story The House ].
Everything was fine, until Angelina noticed that the girls were whispering through the night before going to sleep. It was on a Sunday, when the girls did not go to Mass, that the horror showed itself in the house. The mystery of the girls talking before bed, the case that occurred on Sunday and the tragedy that followed the next day, could only be explained in the pages of this book, a continuation of the short story A Casa, released by the writer in 2011.
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