Tabetha Sheaver

Busy Is the New Stupid

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Are your business responsibilities crushing you? Use the art of delegation to free your schedule today, and find time for what you truly enjoy.
Delegating allows you to find time for new opportunities, team interactions, and breathing room to pursue what you really love. But here lies the challenge - delegating requires you to overcome personal barriers and take on an active role of becoming a true leader in every sense.
In this primer, aimed at small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs, you will discover:
The crucial importance of delegation, and why you and your business cannot afford to not delegateExplore in detail the barriers, myths, and misconceptions that don’t allow you to adopt a delegation-ready mindsetHow to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, fears, and your own past failures, so that you can delegate effectivelyA detailed step-by-step guide to the art of delegation – master delegating tasks, autonomy, and responsibility without breaking a sweatShould you DIY or delegate? A simplified, structured, and reliable way to identify which tasks you should delegate, and which ones you shouldn’t5 crucial skills that you cannot do without – set clear goals and expectations, and become a mentor that promotes a healthy, growth-oriented cultureWhy feedback is crucial to your delegation game (and how to use it to your advantage)What to do when the person you delegated to failsAnd much more.
The day you started your business, you wore at least 15 different hats. But as time passes, it becomes essential for you to pass on the roles to others, so that they can free up your time and continue the hard work in your stead.
What’s at risk? Your time, your life, and your sanity. Delegation is not just a solution, it’s a boon that keeps on giving. Discover how to ease your burden and delegate effectively.
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