Robert Louis Stevenson

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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A new reading of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic gothic tale, a study in evil set in the mist-shrouded streets of Victorian London.
Unorthodox medical man, Dr Henry Jekyll appears to have it all: a large fortune, a big house, a fine reputation He doesn't have a wife or children but that doesn't seem to be a concern. He looks back at the deeds of his misbegotten youth not so much with regret, but with a lingering hope he can do them all again, and more.
Experimenting with home-made drugs, he finds a way to have his cake and eat it too. He splits off the nasty part of his personality and goes wandering in the misshapen body of Mr Hyde to enjoy his sins all over again, but this time Jekyll can keep his reputation and pious demeanour, because no one knows he's the vile Hyde.
That is, until the drugs don't work anymore,
This Victorian classic is well worth a listen. Stevenson uses some luscious language, conjures the fog ridden midnight streets of London, and presents us with the dilemma of evil, and how to get away with it.
Read by Tony Walker, producer of the Classic Ghost Stories Podcast.
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