Damon Brown

Damon Brown's The Side Hustle Box Set

Includes the best-selling series The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, Bring Your Worth and Build From Now!

How do you make your impact on the world? Successful entrepreneur and business coach Damon Brown answers the question in this far-reaching box set. The best-selling The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur gives simple, actionable advice, straight from Damon's experience leading his first startup to acquisition while being the primary caretaker of his first baby. The critically-acclaimed Bring Your Worth challenges you to find out your true purpose and shows you how to stand within your values as a creator. And Build From Now gives the definitive blueprint of how to maximize your resources - focus, agility, time, and energy - to make a difference within any life circumstances.

The Side Hustle Box Set combines these 3 classics and connects the dots as never done before.

"Damon Brown proves that you don't need to don a hoodie, move to Silicon Valley and sacrifice all your sleep (and sanity) to make it in the world of self-employment. Through his road-tested wisdom and interviews with successful innovators who have built businesses on their own terms, Damon provides practical, tactical advice to grow your business one small, delicious, perfectly bite-sized step at a time."

-Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One

Includes exclusive bonuses:

*Preview of the #BringYourWorth theme song produced by Purple Fluorite, now available on all music platforms!

*Damon’s popular TED Talk “How to Build Power Wherever You Are”

*”How to Create Your Worth”, the keynote that inspired the Bring Your Worth book

*The powerful talk “Why Your Side Hustle Matters More Than Ever”

*The rare keynote “How to Grow Your Business” from Damon’s Entrepreneur-in-Residency, Toledo Library
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