Cynthia Sambataro,Paul Sambataro

La Emperatriz Y La Legenda De Foo Foo

he Empress and the Legend of Foo Foo is the first in the Legend of Foo Foo Series. Developed by a pediatric health psychologist and a school psychologist each book is designed to tell a story with a blend of history, folklore and enchantment. The Empress and the Legend of Foo Foo tells the story of Empress Cixi's favored pet the Pekingese and a back story of the legend of the Foo Dog. One of two origin books this children's series follows Foo Foo through history tying together children from multiple countries. Lavishly, illustrated by talented up and coming artist Martha Ivette Escobar during the Qing Dynasty the images will draw children and readers alike into the story. Enhanced the story jumps of the paper with multiple integrated pieces to delight all.
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