Hay Lam Yau,Deirdre Wilson

What the Three Little Pigs Have to Teach Us

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What The Three Little Pigs Have to Teach Us is a story about a business on the brink. Clients are threatening to leave because errors are mounting up. Key staff walk. The partners argue about what is the right approach. And the clock keeps ticking.
What do the three little pigs have to do with it?
Remember that only one pig had enough smarts to build a house that could withstand stinky wolf breath? He designed the house to get the right outcome - to prevent the wolf's attack on all fronts. Remember the fire in the chimney?
More than a story about ‘a business on the brink’ this book is an important reminder for anyone running a business that ‘work smarter, not harder’ is still a thing. Better still, it cracks the code on what ‘work smarter’ really means.
This is a how-to book. Once the reader understands that their people are not only not the problem, but part of the solution, they can use the tools provided to make changes in their own business.
The authors of this little fable have loads of experience in manufacturing, process design and quality control. Which probably makes them the last people you invite to your dinner party. But they do know how to translate that experience into a simple philosophy and make it easy to learn.
Working smarter is designing the way work gets done so that good outcomes happen with less skill.
Rather than diving into heavy concepts or structured programs, What The Three Little Pigs Have to Teach Us is the right-sized introduction to the philosophy of continuous improvement. Or how to work smarter.
Short story. Big impact.
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