Ray Bradbury

Asleep in Armageddon

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Asleep in Armageddon is alternately titled, Perchance to Dream. The story was first published in Planet Stories (1948), and reprinted in Avon Fantasy Reader #11 (1949).
A spaceship crashes on an uninhabited planet, but the pilot survives and requests help, which is expected in six days. The moment he falls asleep, he becomes possessed by some of the warlike people who previously lived there, and who wiped out the planet’s sentient beings. He hears the voices of “Tyle of Rathalar, Tyle of the Blood Mound and the Death Drum”, and of “Iorr of Wendillo, destroyer of infidels”, followed by a chanting chorus of warriors.
This is a science fiction story which incorporates elements of psychological horror.
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