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Scary Stories That I Will Never Forget: Short Scary Stories for Kids - Book 2

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Scary stories that I will never forget
Short Scary Stories for Kids
BOOK 2 : The Ghostly Encounters

The paranormal activities continue in the old Victorian house, and each day; Jordan is more horrified.
As he plays on the slide, a ghost in the form of a dark cloud hovers over him and warns him that he is not welcome to play with the slide.
Then, Jordan hears the familiar boy’s voice say, “I was waiting for you.” Mystified and frightened, Jordan tries to convince his dad that the house is haunted, but his dad doesn’t believe him.
One day, Dad and Jordan enter the basement, which is dark, gloomy and in a run-down condition; with old-fashioned antiquities laying around. Jordan learns that his dad intends to sell the antiquities and earn a fortune, and his dad wouldn’t leave the house no matter what.
Meanwhile, Jordan is confronted by the ghostly dark cloud that warns him that he is making a big mistake; while the ghostly boy and girl appeal for help. Each time the ghostly boy and girl try to convey a message to Jordan, the ghostly dark cloud, appears and disrupts them.
What would Jordan do?
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