Mark J. Carlton

Solar Power: Off Grid Power That Anyone Can Use

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Are you looking for a greener way to live?
Are you concerned about the state of the planet and what we are doing to it?
Do you want to try an alternative to power that damages the environment?
The last 100 years has seen a much greater awareness that we humans are causing lasting and irreparable damage to our planet, through a reckless disregard of its resources and how we use them. Climate change, damage to the ozone layer and associated problems are all contributing to it and new energy sources are needed.
This is where this new book, Solar Power: Off Grid Power That Anyone Can Use, aims to show an alternative of which there is an inexhaustible supply, with chapters that examine:
- Components of a Simple Solar Power System
- Benefits of Solar Power
- Solar Power Technology
- Solar Energy Products
Solar power is now gaining more and more popularity and understanding as millions look to it to solve our energy problems and help improve the health of the planet at the same time. And this book will show how you can be a part of that too.
Get a copy today and play your part in Earth’s future!
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