Alex Benay

Canadian Failures

Successful Canadians write about failure, and how it got them where they are today.
With Chapters By …

astronaut Robert Thirsk
Olympic gold medalist, wrestler Erica Wiebe
Chair of OpenText and of the National Research Council, Tom Jenkins
co-founder of the Just for Laughs comedy festival, Andy Nulman
… and others at the top of their fields.

What does it mean to fail? To some of the most successful Canadians, it was a rite of passage, a stepping stone to greater things, or even a brilliant source of inspiration. Olympic golds, successful businesses, pioneering medical advances — all came about after a series of missteps and countless attempts.
Canadian Failures gathers ten experts from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors and academia, all of whom have grappled with failures and success throughout their lives. Their powerful argument: that Canada, and Canadians, must be willing to learn from failure if we hope to succeed.
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