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The Easiest Ways To Become A Successful Blogger With pictures Guide

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This book is packaged with many relevant information that will help anybody to design a beautiful blog. Even those that have no computer knowledge before can design a professional website with this book.
This book contain all the information and pictures that will guide you to create a blog from start to end.
Also in this book you will know what blogging is all about
The important of blogging
Why people blog?
How to design a website to your taste.
How to manage the site.
How to earn money from blogging.
How to get free and cheap domain names.
How to add audio or any other file to your site.
How to connect your site to social media eg. Facebook
How to add many gadgets to your site.
How to use HTML template.
And many other features that will help you create a beautiful blog; anyone that read this book should be able to design any kind of blog.
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