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Cakes Baked Quickly

Superfast, everyday cooking!

Temptingly aromatic, wonderfully fruity or delicately crisp: homemade cakes are easy and irresistible! And if you'd rather spend your time enjoying your food than standing in the kitchen, this book is for you: it's lovingly crafted with over 100 amazing recipes and ideas for time-pressed, spontaneous bakers. From quick, everyday favourites to juicy fruit tarts, tray bakes, clever gateaux or delicious coffee table fare, this book has it all. Every recipe takes a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare. Whether it's a creamy cheese cake you're after, an enticing cherry and poppy cake or a light and airy cake: with this eBook you'll manage it all in a flash!

– Superfast kitchen ideas for the spontaneous baker
– Fruity, nutty, fine and delicate or with a shot of something: there's something here for every baking fan
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