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Love has a history and we ride — sometimes rather helplessly — on its currents. Since around 1750, we have been living in a highly distinctive era in the history of love that we can call Romanticism. And it has been a disaster for love.

Relationships challenges the assumptions of the Romantic view of love. It shows how to develop new attitudes that can lead to a psychologically mature vision of love:

▪ That it is ok that love and sex may not always belong together

▪ That discussing money early on, in a serious way, is not a betrayal of love

▪ That realising that we are rather flawed, and our partner is too, is of huge benefit to a couple

▪ That we will never find everything we need in another person, nor they in us

▪ That spending two hours discussing whether bathroom towels should be hung up or can be left on the floor has its own dignity

Full of applied real-life examples, and enlivened throughout with humour and cultural anecdote, this innovative guide paves the way to a new, brighter future for love.
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    Romantic attitude, which holds that partners ideally understand one another intuitively
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    virtues of politeness, this word defined not as a cynical withholding of important information for the sake of harm, but as a dedication to not rubbing someone up against all the true, hurtful aspects of one’s nature
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    The person who cannot tolerate secrets, who in the name of ‘being honest’, shares information so wounding it cannot be forgotten, is no friend of love. Just as no parent tells a child the whole truth, so we should accept the ongoing need to edit our full reality

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