Stevanne Auerbach

Confronting the Child Care Crisis

Confronting the Child Care Crisis is an outstanding, historically important analysis of childcare dynamics and a practical guidebook for change is essential reading about unmet needs of childcare. Based on years of personal, professional experience, facts and problems show how inadequate childcare significantly contributes to a national dilemma of increased family stress. Recounting experiences in the federal government, Dr. Auerbach reveals red-tape, overlapping services, mismanagement, wasted resources, and how lack of interest and consistent political support stalled critically important legislation, hampering vital programs that could make a huge difference. Dr. Auerbach shows how childcare leaders can respond to improve services at federal, state and local levels, suggesting ways to build bridges of cooperation between government, industry, and local resources to make important changes and improvements. This book includes President Richard Nixon’s 1971 veto message after the bi-partisan approved and endorsed childcare legislation (Title V Child Development Programs of S 2007-Economic Opportunity Amendment). Full statements are included from Senators Walter Mondale and Alan Cranston plus The National Plan of Action presented by the National Women’s Conference, held in November, 1977.
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