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Buyer-Centered Selling

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In 2018 we co-authored The Seller’s Challenge: How Top Performers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Our motive in writing that book was to provide sellers a “field manual” for assembling both tactics and strategies that address these specific deal killers
This book, Buyer Centered Selling: How Modern Sellers Engage and Collaborate with Buyers, combines “seller’s challenges” with “buyer’s dilemmas.” Without the collaborative efforts of both seller and buyer, many buying processes are doomed by lethargy, fear and eroding internal support from the buying community.
Buyer-Centered Selling provides sellers strategies and tactics that help the buyer address eleven dilemmas likely to slow and obstruct the buying process. The reader will discover quickly that buying and selling are inextricably connected in their focus on helping the customer buy.
Buyer-Centered Selling focuses on:

How buying and selling are changing, the emergence of the “digital native” and why sellers should consider a different approach to engaging the buyer.

How to map a buying process and align buying and selling activities that expedite a decision.

How an effective sales discovery process can bring buyer and seller together through a shared focus on problems, implications, and solutions.

Four behavioral styles and how buyer-centered sellers can adjust and adapt to how the customer wishes to receive and process information.

How sellers can craft a communication plan to differentiate their product and themselves.

How stalled opportunities may be “jewels” that require a little nurturing and encouragement to become a vital addition to your pipeline or funnel.

How a buyer’s perception of risk and their fear of failure can influence decision making.

How dormant leads and inactive accounts may represent excellent prospecting targets.

How research can help unlock an executive’s mindset, enrich sales calls, and become the “ideal seller.”
How cross-selling can be a boon to our selling effort, including myths, obstacles, and best approaches to expanding the seller’s footprint in a target organization.

Valuable tactics for finalizing a deal, including the core elements to a close, barriers to closing a deal, and secrets for managing a successful close.

Buyer-Centered Selling represents the best practice in winning sales today. This is more than a just a book. It's a field training manual that outlines step-by-step what you need to do today to work more effectively with buyers.

This book is written for frontline sellers, sales managers, learning and development directors, sales enablement executives, account managers, marketing professionals and CEOs.


With this book you will get access to a myriad of complimentary online resources including: The Buyer-Centered Selling Workbook and a Concept Card on most of the chapters. These cards provide a quick overview of the chapter and they highlight key takeaways. Sellers can use these Concept Card as a quick reference or to refresh the concepts.

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