Jules Bennett,Cat Schield,Nina Harrington

Revenge In The Boardroom/Seducing The Enemy's Daughter/Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Boss?/Unfinished Business

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Seducing The Enemy's Daughter – Jules BennettDivide and conquer had become seduce and conquer. For business magnate Brady Stone had just learned the new manager of the property he wanted was a woman…and quite desirable. Charming Samantha Donovan into giving away corporate secrets would be even sweeter considering she was the enemy's daughter.Brady had been planning his revenge for years. His head told him to forget about any possible future with Samantha. But his heart knew that in destroying the Donovan empire he would be ruining his last chance at happiness.Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Boss? – Nina HarringtonScott Elstrom craves freedom, adventure and exploration…so leaving the wilds of Alaska behind to have his traditional CEO portrait painted by one feisty fireball is not a top priority.Toni Baldoni needs this commission, but she's not sure if it's determination that's got her pulse racing…or something altogether less appropriate! Trouble is, this battle of wills is not so much hard work – and a lot more like fun!Unfinished Business – Cat SchieldWhen it comes to Rachel Lansing, COO Maxwell Case makes an exception to his take–no–prisoners approach. He'll hold this beauty hostage as his assistant and settle old scores from their brief affair. The pleasure will be all his.Rachel smells blackmail, but she needs Max as a client to keep her employment agency alive. Soon their reignited passion burns away the clouds of mystery surrounding her past. Will their intimacy survive her secrets this time?
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